Monday Morning 19/07/21

July 27, 2021Features

A while ago, a friend said to me: “I think when I finally find myself on a dancefloor again, in front of a big speaker stack, I’ll probably cry.” I wondered then and many times afterwards if I would too. Maybe not actually burst into tears, but at least feel incredibly overwhelmed. I mean, music … Read More

Remembering Andrew Weatherall

February 17, 2021Features

It’s been a year today since Andrew Weatherall died. A long, strange year. Because of everything that has happened since, it seems, in a way, like a long time ago. But also, because nothing has really happened, it has passed like no time at all. I remember that morning well. I was sat at my … Read More

The Year That Wasn’t

September 29, 2020Features

I’m half entertained and half spooked by the fact that I titled our first blog post, back in February, ‘Sorry Guys, Do You Mind Not Dancing?’ At the time, everything that has happened since would have seemed unimaginable. Five months later I was playing my first gig after the lockdown and the venue owner had … Read More

Interview – Perseus Traxx

June 4, 2020Features

Our third podcast is from Perseus Traxx AKA Nigel Rogers, the York based producer, who is known for his fine acid house / electro sound. As a DJ, Nigel plays across the board from disco to techno, and has released tracks on Bunker, Hardmoon, Acid Avengers and many more excellent labels and he is half … Read More

Moral Panic at the Disco

March 16, 2020Features

It’s a weird time. I feel a bit like since I’ve been an adult it’s always been a weird time. I mean – the world’s never been stable, but I feel that particularly in the past few years, in this country, after a time of relative affluence and stability everything’s been a bit fucked. So … Read More

Sorry Guys, Do You Mind Not Dancing?

February 27, 2020Features

In 2018, two of my friends were playing at a fairly large festival. At that point neither of them had learned how to mix on CDJs and both took a bag of records. There were decks there so all seemed well, but when they started playing they ran into a fairly big problem – their … Read More