Hideouscast 11 – Kerouac (KRS Two)

October 14, 2021Podcast

Our eleventh Hideouscast is a breaks and electro mix from Kerouac (KRS Two) AKA Mike Kerouac, half of Kerouac and SMILE. Back in 2007 Isaac SMILE contacted Mike Kerouac on MySpace asking to remix a Kerouac track, the aforementioned remix never materialised, but what did was a friendship that would lead to the formation of … Read More

Hideouscast 10 – Will Druid

September 22, 2021Podcast

Our tenth Hideouscast is from Will Druid. Will Druid is a Leeds-based Middlesbrough import who likes to dance, create, and be daft. Dabbling in both mixing and producing, Will’s sound is just as influenced by queer 90’s New York as it is the UK underground scene. Expect weird electronic cuts, deep spacey house, and some … Read More

Hideouscast 09 – Al Bradley

September 1, 2021Podcast

Hideouscast #09 is from 3am Recordings founder Al Bradley. Originally from Manchester, Al has been a prominent DJ on the Leeds scene for several years, and has showcased music from a range of producers through his 3am label since 2003. Truly dedicated to his craft, Al will often play marathon sets in local venues, as … Read More

3am Recordings vs Hideous Things at Distrikt

August 10, 2021Events

We’re playing at Distrikt on 4th September – 3am Recordings & Hideous Things being represented by Al Bradley & Roya Brehl – founders of 3am and Hideous Things respectively. We’re kicking things off at 8pm & running through to 2am, free entry all night as usual. Facebook event listing – here RA event listing – … Read More

Bespoke Cutter: The Fourth Study

August 4, 2021Reviews

I spent a lovely Tuesday evening listening to new records, and amongst them was Bespoke Cutter: The Fourth Study. This EP is a real treat. The five tracks here are sparse and glitchy but are also upbeat and would work on a dancefloor. This is an experimental but also very comfortable listen and the tunes … Read More

Dark Arts 07

August 4, 2021Reviews

Dark Arts 07 provides six lovely tracks of deep, futuristic music. The sounds here are varied: techno, broken beat and some less dancey, more cosmic sounds. There’s material here for the dancefloor, and also deeper tracks for a later part of the journey. Highly recommended. Review by Roya Brehl

Monday Morning 19/07/21

July 27, 2021Features

A while ago, a friend said to me: “I think when I finally find myself on a dancefloor again, in front of a big speaker stack, I’ll probably cry.” I wondered then and many times afterwards if I would too. Maybe not actually burst into tears, but at least feel incredibly overwhelmed. I mean, music … Read More

Planet Orange Records – Plastic Goose EP

July 17, 2021Reviews

The release of the debut EP from Planet Orange Records coincides well with the reopening of clubs here in the UK, because the Plastic Goose EP definitely provides some excellent material for the dancefloor. A1, from Markus Somner is a deep and groovy track with a nod to an old school sound. A2 is Pete … Read More

Hideouscast 08 – Nodderz

June 22, 2021Podcast

 Nodderz hails from the north of England and has persistent sleep issues. A rumoured affiliate of the new COMPLEXA project set for a launch event at Hideous Things own Imaginarium this summer, and with a great mix series behind it, Nodderz said about this mix ‘Its not the chirpiest Ive ever done, but I’ve … Read More

Hideouscast 07 – Little Joe

April 27, 2021Podcast

Our seventh podcast is by Little Joe: Leeds based, loves to dance, good craic, part of the pumping queer dance party crew Love Muscle.

Remembering Andrew Weatherall

February 17, 2021Features

It’s been a year today since Andrew Weatherall died. A long, strange year. Because of everything that has happened since, it seems, in a way, like a long time ago. But also, because nothing has really happened, it has passed like no time at all. I remember that morning well. I was sat at my … Read More

Hideouscast 06 – Ben Lewis

February 16, 2021Podcast

Our latest podcast mix is from Ben Lewis. Ben is the founder of Crossed Wires, a Leeds-based club night featuring both live electronic music and DJs. He also creates analogue synth productions as UFO Club and DJs regularly at Outlaws Yacht Club. About this mix, Ben tells us: “This vinyl only mix of wonky electronics, … Read More