Our tenth Hideouscast is from Will Druid.

Will Druid is a Leeds-based Middlesbrough import who likes to dance, create, and be daft. Dabbling in both mixing and producing, Will’s sound is just as influenced by queer 90’s New York as it is the UK underground scene.

Expect weird electronic cuts, deep spacey house, and some high intensity clubby tracks; in Will’s own words “a cyberdelic journey from the 100’s to the 130’s, enjoy!”

Catch Will’s debut bimonthly Alto Radio show “Limp Wrist Soundsystem” 10pm this Friday at altoradio.live for an hour of majorness…




Glitch – Love Remains
Innocent Heretic – Come Forward Slowly
Chaos in the CBD – Multiverse
Dance 2 Trance – We Come In Peace (Desert Mix)
Emil Gayles – Monlade
Skatebärd, Lauer – Fluto
Olof Dohnhammar – Nutty Boy
Violence FM & The Underground Soulsavers – Soleil Mauve
Power Circle – A Little Love (Trancing Remix)
O.H.M – Oceanic
Russ Gabriel – Airbourne
Roza Terenzi – 3 Stars Align
Zenithal – Famosa
Baby Rollen – Deep Asleep
DJ Smeagzy – G-List Only
Bliss Inc – Hacking The Planet (Sansibar Remix)
Primitive Needs – Necessary Hostility
Plush Management Inc. – Waiting For Plush
Drexciya – Black Sea
Normani – Wild Side (Leonce Remix)
Majorettes – Run The Trip (Midland Downlow Dub)
Ace Mo – This Thing..
Gekka – Parallel Sync
K-Hand – Wonder

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