Our fifth podcast is from Rory Flynn. Founder and resident of Sub:Terranea, Rory has been playing regularly for several years at venues such as Wire and Sheaf Street in Leeds, and more recently Eastern Bloc Records.

As a producer, Rory has previous digital releases on Midnight Social Recordings and upcoming vinyl releases in the pipeline.

To reflect our ethos, we’ve wanted to put out a diverse range of music in our podcasts. Here’s what Rory had to say:

With a lot of people on lockdown and working from home I wanted to put together a mix that wasn’t completely club focussed with varied styles for home listening. I also wanted to try and stitch together the many different musical genres and styles that influence me whilst fitting in with the ‘Hideous Things’ concept and not feeling contrived. Hence a progression from ambient electronica, 80s psychedelic sounds and some oddball obscurities though to house, techno and electro. Additionally, I always like to test the boundaries of what can be achieved with 2x 1210s and a mixer in blending different styles and tempos without any additional gadgetry.

I hope you enjoy 🙂


Perc – Pippin (version)

Efdemin – The Sound House

Perc – Grounds feat. Leah

Talking Heads – Listening Wind

Evigt Mörker – Erövring, krona

Fun Boy Three – Way On Down

Desolate – Florescence

Bahnsteig XXIII – Goddess

Nils Frahm – Sweet Little Lie

Voices From the Lake – 531KHz (Kab & Minilogue mix)/ Cillian Murphy – In The Morning (used as A capella)

Kuniyuki Takahashi – New Wave Project 2 (Call Super Remix)

Isolée- Ginster

Crooked Man – Scum (Always Rises to the Top)

Lawrence – Black Cats

No Moon – 653 Miles

Thom Yorke – Not the News (Overmono Remix)

Sophia Saze – Cure (Roman Flügel Remix)

Carl Finlow – Descent

James Shinra – Daydreamm


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